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Short training sessions = big rewards

When Tipper, my Schipperke, was less than a year old, we took him on a trip.  At every rest stop and night time stops, I took him out on leash with my older Schipperke, Andy.  As we walked, I would say:  Stop.  They would stop, I would walk up to where they were and give them a treat.  Sometimes, instead of a treat, I would just say, ok, let’s go.  We probably did that exercise 5 or 6 times as we walked.  And being a pup, I took Tip out 5 -7 times every day.

One night, I accidently dropped Tip’s leash.  He started for the Expressway, not very far away.  I said – Stop.  And he stopped.  I picked up the leash and said:  let’s go get treats!  It took awhile for my heart beat to slow down, but Tipper did what we had practiced.  Those short training sessions saved Tip’s life.  I hope you can find time to add in short training sessions for your dog.  One or two minutes, 3 – 5 times a day.  See what your dog can learn.