Puppy classes

5 Months old.  Still a puppy.  Today, one of my students said his dog’s call name should be:  Hand full!  Well, all puppies are a hand full.  You have a puppy that is trying so hard to figure out the world.  What works?  What gets him rewarded — what gets the good stuff?  As owners of these little balls of fur, we need to figure out what they consider a reward.  Food?  Toys?  Attention?  Puppies want to learn.  They are interested in everything and anything.  Going down a step or two is a big thing.  Seeing a fire hydrant for the first time – is a big deal!  The umbrella open and closed is a big deal.  Take time to watch your pup.  What makes him happy?  What scares him?  Watch your pup — he is doing his best to tell you what he is thinking.  Enjoy the ride…in no time at all, he will be an adult and sooner than you think — he will be old and you are going to ask yourself where all the time went.

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