Taking the next step

We train in our kitchen.  Lots of treats and praise.  We train in the living room.  Low distractions.  Lots of treats & praise.  We train at the training facility.  Lots of treats.  When to take the next step?

What is the next step?  Whatever the next step.  It needs to be a short step.  There is a saying:  Be a slicer not a lumper.  That goes for adding distractions.  Where do you go?  Park?  The front porch?  The training facility with other dogs, maybe a show n go?

When we train our dogs, we owe them the benefit of moving slowly through distractions so that they can be successful.

Choose the distractions that you believe your dog can handle.  Would you bet me 50.00 dollars that your dog can do 3 obedience behaviors while being 50 feet from another dog?  25 ft. from another dog.  5 feet from another person?

Taking a few minutes to plan your training sessions can help your dog be successful.  And isn’t that what we all want?

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